Theater. Regie.

a hand full home, Tanztheater, 2013, Fotos: Sina Heiss

a hand full home

by Sina Heiss and Lia Bonfilio, music: Manuel Mitterhuber, text adaptation: Toby Knops


Summer 2013

Austria tour: September 2013 (DIVA Monodramafestival Tux, Zillertal; Strenge Kammer, Wien; Rother Krebs, Linz; Stadtsaal Vils, Reutte Tirol)


A hand full home is an investigation of the topic of home, experienced by a solo dancer.

Lia is telling the story of the goddess Athena, who visits Odysseu´s family in Ithaca to convince them to not give up hope that Odysseus will return home. In order to be heard, Athena has to disguise herself as Mentes, an older man and friend of the family and needs to stand up against a bunch of suitors who are feasting in Odyseeus´s castle and wooing Penelope, the queen.


In an experimental character-blend between herself and the mythological image of Athena, Lia travels through time and space and takes the spectator on a mental journey - away from known territory.