Theater. Regie.

Platonov, Schapiro Theater NYC, 2012, Fotos: Matty D Photography


by Anton Cechov/ direction: Sina Heiss

Schapiro Theatre NYC (Columbia University)


November 2013


Ashley Minihan (dramaturgy and conceptional support)


Jacob Cohen (Live Cello on stage and Composition of Cello-Parts)


Manuel Mitterhuber (Composition of Beats and Drones)


Daisy Long (Lighting Design)


Asa Benally (Costume Design)


Daniel Heffernan (Projection Design)


Kristen Torgrimson (Stage Management)


Daniela Lehner (Stage Management)



Ten friends. A party. A Jerk.

The story is called Platonov, a theater piece by Anton Chekhov written in Russia around 1880.

It is a story about friends, a party, people getting together, drinking, talking about their everyday lives,

celebrating. Just like they do today.

The people in the play are friends, more or less, they know each other. They have been organizing these parties for years. One of the regular guests is Platonov and he always causes trouble.

He cannot keep his mouth shut. He speaks out loud what others only think. He says the truth where a

nice polite lie would suit much better. He spits thoughts into some people's faces that are totally out of control. Or what we think of control: A superfiscial, well behaved way of "acting" in our functioning system of society. We know how to deal with the "nice guys".

But Platonov is not a nice guy. He is a jerk. He is too open, too honest, too out of line.

He needs to be quieted.

We are just having fun, right?




Isabelle Zufferey Boulton (Sasha, his wife)

is thrilled to be making her Chekhov debut! A graduate of the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, she writes for, a journal examining intersections between politics, cultural plurality, social activism, and the stage. Recent credits: WHO’S ZOO? (Whitney Biennial 2012), What We’ll Do (Special Sauce), and various WTF Workshop productions. Upcoming: Is It Already Dusk? at the Irondale Center. Much love and thanks to Sina, Ashley, Mia and the cast!


Jack Nicolaus (Triletsky, Sasha´s brother)

Jack Nicolaus is an actor, director, and clown. Thanks to Shane for putting in a good word and to Sina for taking a chance. Love to SD


Lily Dorment (Anna, a young, sexy widow)

Lily Dorment is originally from London. She received her BA from Yale University and her MPH from Columbia University. She has studied at the Atlantic Acting School, the Barrow Group, the LAByrinth Theater, and RADA. Favorite recent roles include Valerie in The Weir, Sylvia in The Pride and Lorina in Phantomwise at the NY Fringe Festival.


Miranda Kahn (Sofya, Platonov´s ex-lover)

Miranda is an NYU Tisch graduate with training from Stella Adler and The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Miranda is thrilled to be working on this production and is also currently acting in a children's show for a non profit called Arts for All and shooting a web series. Visit her website at


John Hardin (Sofya´s husband and Anna´s stepson)

John Hardin is an actor, writer, and ne'er-do-well in NYC. His acting debut was in kindergarten, where he played "The Little Dog Who Laughed," in "Hey Diddle Diddle," and won a chocolate chip cookie. He's never looked back.


Brian Keith MacDonald* (Glagolyev, Anna´s admirer)

Brian Keith MacDonald is a New York actor and associate artistic director of the Hunger and Thirst Theatre Collective. Learn more about him at


Tim Elliot (Petrin, a rich guy who has no friends)

Tim is a performer from Baltimore Maryland. He was recently seen in New Directions' production Tiny Bubbles.


Elena Levenson (Grekova, an emancipated women; or so she thinks)

Elena V. Levenson is an actor-director with classical training, stage combat certification, and experience smashing bananas into roast chicken in the name of Dada. Find out more about her here


Shane Jensen (Osip, a shady person who shouldn´t be in the play)




fotos by Matty D Photography