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Saint Joan of the Slaughterhouses, Brecht, Horace Man Theater NYC 2012

Fotos:Brynne Erin McManimie

Saint Joan of the Slaughterhouses

by Bertold Brecht

adapted and translated by Peter Mellencamp

produced by Mia Lujun Shen

directed and co-composed by Sina Heiss



Horace Man Theatre NYC (Columbia University)

November 2012


 a stormproof production


lighting design: Alex Fabozzi

sound design, compositions: Luke Santy

dramaturgy: Cameron Jefts (with support by Adrian Silver and Claytie Mason)

Elisabeth Goodman (Stage Management)

Danielle Pomorski (Props, Costumes, Creative Support)

Daniela Lehner (Directing Assistant)

actors: Dorit Oitzinger, Maxwell Schneller, Vitus Wieser, Leah Gabriel, Gregory Isaac, Luke Santy, Tim Elliot


show fotos: Brynne Erin McManimie



F$$$ the System!


There are two kinds of people: those who do business and those who read literature. Those who do business don´t understand much about literature, and those who read literature don´t understand much about business. (By the way, this is one reason why it´s so difficult to write literature about the way business is done - and to make a businessof doing so).


The mutual incomprehension of these two types of people usually develops into outright contempt.




If a writer these days writes a piece of dramatic literature which features business matters, then he must accept that anyone capable of understanding what his play is about is not going to read it, while those who read it are not going to understand what it is about.

Business people are at least not quite as bad as the culture lovers: business people may take an occasional interest in art - but only if art is not about the doing of business. In this, they are in agreement with the culture lovers: both sides feel that art is too lofty to concern itself with something as mundane as economics.


--- Bertold Brecht